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Instantel Minimate Pro 6

Instantel Minimate Pro 6



Compliance Monitoring of:
Blasting, Pile driving, Demolition & Construction, Transport, Bridge, Building and Human vibration



Optionally one or two Triaxial Geophones


Recording modes

Full waveform, Waveform Statistics, Histogram, Histogram-Combo



Internal: Manual, Single Shot, Continuous


Frequency range


Geophone: Min 1 Hz to Max 315 Hz


Amplitude range

Min 0.0078 mm/s to Max 256 mm/s


Recording times

Full waveform: 7800s @ 1kHz sample rate
Histogram: 12 days at 2 sec intervals to 50 weeks at 15 min intervals



10 key keyboard


Internal Battery

5 days



Full analysis, printing and archiving via RS-232 or ethernet to Windows based software



Call 02102214040 or email dennispage@vibrationconsultants.co.nz

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