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Machine Condition Monitoring

Darryl taking measurement

Regular checks on machine condition are carried out in order to allow scheduling of repair work and maintenance. This dramatically reduces the probability of unexpected breakdowns. Preventing catastrophic failure and associated damage (see Fault Diagnosis) This reduces the amount and cost of repairs needed and eliminates unnecessary unplanned maintenance. Identifying faults that while still allow a machine to operate, will shorten its life if not corrected.

The regular visits also allow us to notice other (hidden) problems before they become serious, such as: Leaks (water, air, other). Its surprising how common these can be.
Things that compromise building safety (& security).
Blockages in screens, filters, radiators etc.

Erik taking measurement

Criteria for selection and frequency of monitoring:

Machines should be measured at commissioning to ensure they have been correctly installed and meet required specifications and to provide a vibration footprint, (machines that run smoothly last longer and use less power).

Machines considered necessary for the plant to function should be measured at least monthly.

Important machines that run for 8 hours a day or more should be measured at least monthly.

Machines that are run only occasionally but are necessary for the safety of the plant should be measured at least every 3 months.

Machines that are showing excessive noise, vibration or other symptoms that may effect their own or other plant item efficiency or may be a hazard to safety should be checked a.s.a.p.

Machines should be measured at least one month prior to the expiry of warranty.

Types of Machines:

Almost any machine with components rotating above 100 rpm
Electric motors, Fans, Pumps, Gearboxes, Saws, Grinders, Mills, Mixers etc


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